7 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

September 29, 2020 bathroom

Most of the time, creativity springs from the smallest of spaces. There are so many interesting ways to maximise storage spaces within a bedroom, allot more room for exercise and activity in a living room, or squeeze in a fully-equipped kitchen in a small apartment.  

In the advent of trends such as tiny houses or micro-apartment living, you can find a plethora of ways to make any space more spacious. If your focus for today is on your bathroom, here are 8 small bathroom design ideas you might find helpful! 

Use a big mirror 

If you use a big mirror, especially a wall-to-wall mirror, you create the illusion of spaciousness. Even if you do not necessarily change anything else up – as in you don’t clear out storage boxes or move the shower curtain – having a big mirror installed in your small bathroom will make it look and feel big.

Speaking of mirrors, consider backlighting your mirror 

Backlighting your mirror hits not two but three birds with one stone! First, a mirror itself can make a small bathroom feel spacious, as said above.  

Second, the backlight adds texture to the overall illumination within a space, and it’s a strategic way to fill the room with just enough light so every corner is accounted for.  

Finally, it’s also a great way to save on space for wall lights: if you don’t have room to put up sconces, the backlight will do just fine. It also saves time and effort on the part of your renovation builders for your Melbourne home! 

Choose light, airy colours that are friendly with natural light 

The brighter the colours you choose, the more serene and natural the space feels. In a poorly coloured small bathroom, one may feel constricted and uncomfortable, like the walls are closing in on them as they take care of their personal business.  

But if you choose light colours, the small bathroom will give off a relaxing vibe instead. Plus, you want the colours to work well with natural light, as a wash of natural light during the day can also “open up” the space. 

If you prefer darker colours, choose glossy paint instead 

Darker colours can make a space look much more dramatic. If your small bathroom design ideas don’t involve light colours at all, no worries! Just choose the right type of paint and you still get all the benefits that natural light has to offer.  

Light reflecting high-gloss paint will bounce natural light across the room during the day. Nighttime is when these darker hues truly get to shine: with the right lighting (warm, deep whites for example), your whole bathroom can capture that night-sky effect. Plus, darker hues bring out other interior decoration pieces such as light fixtures. So, if you want those to be the stars of the show, go for darker hues. 

Go wild on the tiles 

The way your tiles are arranged can also create the illusion of space as a big mirror does. Opt for smaller ceramic tiles or mosaic-style tiles that extend into the shower section. Unbroken lines connect each section, making space feel wider because the outline is clearly drawn.  

This is why renovation builders in Melbourne will also recommend to use glass shower doors or omit them completely and use curtains instead. The installation of any sort of barrier can make space feel constricted. 

Think creatively about storage 

When it comes to planning any small space, whether that’s a bedroom, kitchen, living room, or tiny house, storage should be high up on your list of priorities. Clutter is the enemy of small spaces, as it can make even the biggest rooms feel small.  

You can choose a mirror that doubles up as a vanity cabinet. You can use closed storage so you or a guest won’t see any unnecessary visuals (bottles, toothbrushes, etc.) the moment they walk in. Or if you do want to add an open shelf, make sure it’s sleek and simple! Other ideas include using a ladder to hang towels or adding a shower niche – major space savers. 

If you’re looking to do complete bathroom renovations, prioritise the topic of storage with your builder. 

Be smart about bathroom decoration 

Usually, when it comes to bathrooms, the pieces itself offer both great design and function. For example, on your open shelf, you can place both bottles of skincare products as well as a small succulent or a picture frame. Or, you can choose items that make a statement: light fixtures, your shower curtain, even your hand soap holder!  

Make your design unique to you: work with Archibuilt’s team of renovation builders in Melbourne 

Through our services in bathroom renovations for Melbourne homeowners, we’ve improved so many people’s experiences with their space! We love getting that “I didn’t know you could do that” reaction from our clients, and we’re prepared to work with you to get you that same experience as well. Work with us today. Talk to us about your small bathroom design ideas, and we’ll work out a plan that suits you best.  

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